Please keep in mind: If you already have your own website address (custom domain) and it's being used by another software, it's a good idea to either transfer to Cloudflare or (recommended) get a new website address and follow the simple steps below.

Step 1: Watch the Walkthrough Video

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Step 2: Create FREE Cloudflare Account

Already have a Cloudflare account? Login here then proceed to the next step on this page.

Step 3: Purchase a New Domain Name

Already have a domain name? Please proceed to the next step on this page. 

Step 4: Send Cloudflare Invite

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Step 5: Fill Out & Submit The Below Form

Foundry Setup Form


Next Steps: Sync an Email Add-On

To get the most out of your form, we suggest that you sync this form with an email add-on. To learn more about your email add-on options, visit the following page ( Important: Delete this tip before you publish the form.
Your Name(Required)
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This is the new custom domain that you purchased in Cloudflare.
I verify that I have correctly added the appropriate email address mentioned in Step 3 video to my Cloudflare account.
I confirm that I have viewed all the videos mentioned above and have completed the outlined steps.(Required)