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Streamlined, Stress-Free Digital Solutions for coaches and Entrepreneurs

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We are dedicated to removing the hurdles that cause sleepless nights for online coaches and entrepreneurs. We provide streamlined, intuitive solutions that let you concentrate on growing your business and nurturing your clients, free from complex funnels, automations & workflows.

Hassle Free Tech

Say goodbye to sleepless nights. Our intuitive tech solutions are designed specifically for online coaches, ensuring smooth operations without the technical overwhelm.

Seamless client experiences

We understand the importance of seamless client interactions. Our reliable systems minimize disruptions, so you can focus on delivering high-quality coaching, worry-free.

simplified all-in-one platform

Overcome the frustration of juggling multiple complex systems. Our integrated approach offers a user-friendly experience, aligning perfectly with the needs of online coaching professionals.

responsive community

You're not alone in your tech journey. Our dedicated support community understands the coaching vernacular and is here to assist you promptly, ensuring you never feel left behind in the digital world.

Julie Kinne

Online Coach

Matt is my go-to for all things tech support. He has this ability to take what is "confusing in my head" and simplify it down so that even I can understand what needs to be done in order to keep my business moving forward.

and the best part is.. sometimes he just makes the problem go away.


Matt is an amazing mentor and teacher. He’s very knowledgeable, helpful and provides detailed guidance and recommendations. During our first coaching call he provided more information and training which reduced my learning curve and helped me implement my landing page strategy! I definitely recommend Matt!

Edward Torres

Real Estate Consultant

One Passion, One Mission.

As the driving force behind Armour Marketing, Matt brings nearly two decades of experience in the digital marketing to the table. His journey has been fueled by a singular purpose and mission: to streamline the overwhelming digital landscapes for online entrepreneurs. 

Having worked with dozens of 6 & 7-figure entrepreneurs, Matt has witnessed firsthand how over-complicated systems can grind business growth to a halt. His experience has shown him the pitfalls of unnecessary automations, disorganized workflows, and the chaos of multiple software systems struggling to synchronize.

Matt's has an extensive background and a keen eye for what works. He is here to be the expert in your corner, dedicated to transforming your tech challenges into assets that empower your business's growth.

Why work with us

We turn tech chaos into clarity for online coaches and entrepreneurs. With two decades of digital marketing expertise, we specialize in simplifying complex systems, freeing you to focus on growing your business and impacting lives. Our personalized, expert solutions ensure your tech supports, not hinders, your success. Partner with us and transform your tech challenges into your biggest business asset.

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Perfect for Solopreneurs

Master the Art of Tech with Our Tech Mastery Program: Tailored for the go-getter solopreneurs, this comprehensive program empowers you with the knowledge and tools needed to handle your tech needs independently.

  • Free 30 Day Software Trial
  • Unlimited Support
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Exclusive Deals
  • Free Courses

Perfect for Established Entrepreneurs

This DWY service is the perfect solution for those seeking a more hands-on approach. We work closely with you to streamline and optimize your tech, ensuring every aspect aligns perfectly with your business goals.

  • Personalized Support
  • Professional Growth
  • Time-Saving
  • Peace of Mind
  • Exclusive Deals

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What They Say


Matt Steinman of Armour Marketing was a pleasure to work with. He was responsive, professional and very knowledgeable. Matt set up and will be hosting Sterilogy's website. We plan to use Matt's services to expand our website as our company continues to progress. I would recommend Matt for any of your digital needs.

Hal Zaima

President, Sterilogy Holdings, Inc.


I have been Matt's customer and he has been an employee of mine at another company. His positive outlook and get to it work style made him a great asset in both circumstances. He is immensely curious and constantly finding new tools and techniques to improve his work and keep you on the leading edge. 

Jeff Adair

Director of Sagitec Solutions


With his extensive knowledge in content marketing, marketing automation and familiarity with Hubspot he has provided me with valuable information and direction on how to become a more effective marketer and salesman. He is a professional and a expert in his field who always sticks to his word and is always willing to help when he can. 

Samer Bawab

Co-Founder, Learning Platforms & Experiences